art without restrictions




1. freedom from restrictions that tamper the human spirit

2. original (before the rules); uncontrolled; unfettered; undeterred; unencumbered
Free from the indignities of their labels and the rules that restricted their vision, they unleashed their creativity and became known as unruly artists.

Unruly Arts is a professional studio that provides art materials, instruction and skill-building to artists with disabilities.

Unlike day programs where originality gets lost during repetitive activities, Unruly Arts is a choice for adults with disabilities who want to explore their specific artistic abilities and vision. Our goal is to develop each artist's authentic voice, and when they're ready, create professional opportunities to exhibit and sell their work.

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Our vision is to provide opportunities through creating, exhibiting and selling Unruly Art, and by inviting the community to join us for creative gatherings, classes and more.
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