May 3, 2017


Unruly Arts is a professional studio that provides art materials, instruction and skill-building to artists with disabilities.

Unlike day programs where originality gets lost during repetitive activities, Unruly Arts is a choice for adults with disabilities who want to explore their specific artistic abilities and vision. Our goal is to develop each artist’s authentic voice, and when they’re ready, create professional opportunities to exhibit and sell their work.

what makes us unruly?

To include people with disabilities in the creative process we have to set aside traditional rules and beliefs — about people and art. In our inclusive studio environment, we ask traditional artists and teachers to suspend their rules, their training and their judgements to support the emerging artistic expression of people with disabilities. The result is art without restrictions, it’s unruly art.

We’ve discovered this approach is not only eliminating barriers that block creativity, it’s challenging the paradigm of who is abled and who is disabled. It’s more than art education, it’s about relationships between people.

Unruly Arts Manifesto

  • Our lives have meaning
  • Diversity is a resource
  • We are all creative
  • We all hold untapped potential
  • My needs aren’t special, my gifts are
  • Life is an adventure to be lived, not a problem to be solved
  • We thrive in communities where we feel supported and seen, witnessed and encouraged
  • We each have the power to make change when we bring our skills and passion forward
  • Art is the result of empowering people